entirely satisfied

"My website design was thoughtfully l and professionally constructed. Forever Noteworthy considered me, the client, when deciding how to design the website. The colour palette used, input on photo selection. Everything was considered. 

"Additionally, as the final reviewer of my newsletter, Forever Noteworthy provides editing services prior to sending them out. I am pleased with the service and have since referred the services to my colleagues. 

"I am entirely satisfied with the design and ease of access, and access to the designer."

Products: Website (design, maintenance, and/or updates), Virtual Assistant Services (e.g., email list, editing, flyer designs, etc.)

Product Benefits: "I have used my website and other social media platforms such as IG etc. (all designed by Forever Noteworthy) to increase my online presence and business leads." 

Michelle M. 

MSM Life Coach


excellent customer service

"Forever Noteworthy provided excellent customer service by always communicating with quick and respectful responses to email inquiries."

Product: Website (e.g., design, maintenance, and/or updates) 

Product Benefits: "It has established the importance of my business."

Keiron Moseley

Keys to Fitness

@keystofitness_ on Instagram


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